My Mission

My kids are my inspiration and The WHY behind all of this.

The more we invest in THEIR future the brighter it will be for them. We must take a steadfast approach to providing a platform to inspire, motivate, and help realize the amazing potential in each and every kid. I have watched politics slowly remove the common sense teachings that helped me be successful in my career.

I have started Slide Support because my passion is building things and understanding what makes them tick. I have had this fascination with how stuff works since I was a kid and I never grew out of it, I have constantly strived and struggled to learn everything I could. 

I am very willing to help someone understand an issue or solve a problem with their build! I don’t like the negative vibe that has developed at some events and want anyone new or old to the scene to have someone to borrow a tool, or take a picture.

My dream is being able to start an after school program to help Students, troubled youth, and even adults have a positive platform to grow their skill set at little to no cost. I love spending time with my kids and seeing their creative nature and the spark that was stoked in me at a young age.


If you have any questions,comments, or suggestions don’t hesitate.

Jacob Hunt

Slide Support